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Creative Writing

At Future Genius, we started our creative writing courses for kids in Singapore in 2010 and since then we have never looked back. We have continued to enjoy the fruits of our labour as our students share their joy when they do well in their Composition examinations. We have turned poor writers into proficient writers and most importantly made them fall in love with writing. They are taught by our 'Writing Guru' Mrs Lynette Sivakumar who was the winner of the 'Most Inspiring English Teacher' award by MOE in 2010. There isn't a single student under her care who has not improved in his/her writing and be inspired to write! 

In 2017 we revamped out Creative Writing curriculum in FGLP in close consultation with her to be in line with the latest trends in PSLE. The programme is a developmental approach to writing so start them off as early as P3. How do we teach writing? Using RAFFE (all our writing lessons builds on each stage ensuring results)

1) Reflect- through our creative writing courses for kids in Singapore, we believe in tapping into students' prior knowledge on the theme and get them to share in class. By sharing students get to hear different storylines on the same theme and because friends share, students are interested to listen. Students are guided by some key questions to help them in their sharing of their reflections. Watch this video of our P4 student during a sharing session .

2) Augment 1- We start to build on the students' prior knowledge on the theme and clear any misconceptions of his understanding on the theme. In this stage, we start by building vocabulary on the given theme. Students are exposed to a myriad of assignments to build vocabulary ranging from Vocabulary Cloze related to the given theme, focusing on key feelings and verbs related to the theme and how to use rich descriptive phrases (idioms, smiles, metaphorsetc.) to enhance their writing. It is important that students know this and not just memorise and regurgitate phrases as they end up using them wrongly. To further enrich their knowledge and build on their prior knowledge, model compos are discussed. At this point, less than stellar compositions are sometimes used and students are made to critique them (picking out common errors in compositions make them more aware not to commit the same mistakes too).  

3)  Focus: In the initial stages of writing in the year, a selected skill of writing will be focused on for each theme example, writing introductions, writing conclusions, how to use hooks. At this point in writing, students will focus on the taught skill and practice them. These are just mini writing exercises.

4) Frame: With the given pictures and the theme, students will explore different storylines and some may even borrow ideas from what they have heard during reflections. Tutors will discuss at least 3 different storylines on that given theme and finally students select one storyline of their choice to write about.

5) Experience: Students start to write full length compos on the given theme. Detailed feedback will be given by tutors. Tutors will meet with each student individually to the students to provide feedback on his strengths and weaknesses of his writing. A feedback form will be given to each student on their performance in their writing task and this will give parents greater insights on how their child is progressing. If required the tutor will require your child to rewrite a second draft but by this stage we hardly face such a problem as enough scaffolding had been given.

Enrolling your child in our creative writing courses for kids in Singapore is a good investment of your money as most of our students go on to be proficient writers in secondary school. Yes, you may see something similar elsewhere but it takes a wealth of experience to execute it well.  It's not just just a perfect curriculum. It takes great tutors to ensure your child succeeds and we assure you that at FGLP.