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Fees Information

FGLP Fees as follows:

LEVEL P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Sec 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4 JC
PRICES ($) $140 $140 $145 $150 $150  $155 $160 $165 $175 $180 $230
Creative Writing   $155 $160 $165 $180    

MATHS TWICE A WEEK P4: $270       MATHS TWICE A WEEK P5: $280     MATHS TWICE A WEEK P6: $290      

Payment Methods: PayNow or Bank Transfer



Our tutors are all trained ex-teachers and full-time tutors and have years of teaching experience and we have to pay them well to retain them. Many of our tutors have held key positions in school from being Head of Departments and Level Heads. We believe in providing the best for your child but our rates are still cheaper than many other tuition centres. So don't hesitate. It will be money well spent! yes 


Subjects Available at the centre:

Primary: English, Foundation English, Chinese, Foundation Chinese, Mathematics, Foundation Mathematics, Science, Foundation Science, English Creative Writing, Chinese Creative Writing 

Secondary: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, General Science, Chemistry and Physics for both Express and Normal Academic

Junior College: General Paper



*Join 3 or more subjects and get $20 off total fees every month 

*Terms and Conditions apply

Sibling discount of $10 off total fees every month if a sibling joins at least 2 subjects 

Recommend a friend and get $10 off total fees for that month

Material Fees $95 (enrol within registration period and pay only $75)
Registration fees $30 (applicable to new students only. Existing students need not pay)
Refundable deposit $50 (students who are continuing in December need not pay. Earlier paid deposit shall be carried forward)

* Please note that material fees of $20 will be collected in June from students enrolled in twice-weekly Mathematics classes