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Medical Authorisation Form

I wish to enrol my child in your centre. I understand that all reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of my child. I will not hold Future Genius Learning Planet liable or responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by my child at your premises. I further agree to indemnify Future Genius Learning Planet against all claims for any personal injury accident / loss of personal belongings whatsoever and howsoever caused, sustained or suffered by the child while the child is on your premises.

I agree and abide by the Rules and Regulations set forth by the centre (Please read the attached form on ‘rules and regulations’)

In the event of any medical emergency, and the centre is unable, for whatsoever reason, to contact any of the persons stated in this registration form or whilst awaiting for the arrival of the parents or the medical practitioner of the parents’ choice, the school is hereby authorised to seek medical attention from nearest available qualified practitioner or hospital, and the centre or its staff shall not be held responsible for whatsoever medical treatment administered to the child by the medical practitioner or hospital. The parents will bear the cost of all medical expenses.